I Flew Through Houston and All I Got Was…

my deli sandwich confiscated. Sounds like a bad joke right? But it’s true. I was returning with my family from a holiday in Mexico City and we had a stopover in Houston, Texas. As a result, we went through customs in Texas. As most know, the airlines used to provide crappy food for free. Now you have to pay for it. Consequently, we always bring our own. Our son hadn’t finished his sandwiches and we decided to play it safe and be honest so we declared it plus one banana. The agents asked us what kind of meat was on it and I replied “pork.” Actually, I had no idea. It was chorizo salami, but the ingredients were written in Spanish—not a language I’m fluent in. I remembered my uncle’s beef stew getting confiscated at the Canadian-American border (because of the mad cow scare), so I went with pork hoping that would pass. No luck though.

The weird part is that they didn’t allow us to eat the sandwich right then and there. When we tried to take a few bites they started yelling at us to hand over the contraband sandwich. You would have thought we were eating marijuana-laced brownies or something considering how excited they got. They claimed it was because pork from another country wasn’t considered safe. I’m still not clear as to why we could have eaten the sandwich 30 minutes prior, but once we were in that room it was worth shouting over. But then, most of the rules one encounters at a border seem arbitrary and the agents more concerned with exercising their power over anyone they feel like than anything else.

Notwithstanding our border experience upon our return, we had a wonderful time visiting family in Mexico!

Below are some of our favorite cartoons regarding flying in this day and age:

Airline Cartoon 001 Airline cartoons Airplan cartoon Sharing seats on Plane

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